LaPolt Law, P.C. is a music and media entertainment law firm which handles all transactional and business aspects of the music industry on behalf of creatives.

Music Business

LaPolt Law, P.C. offers strategic advice and counseling with respect to all legal and business aspects of a creator’s career in the music business.  We represent recording artists, producers, songwriters, copyright owners and controllers and help solve complex and sophisticated issues relating to contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and rights of publicly.  We act much like the “general counsel,” handling all transactional matters, but also overseeing any litigation counsel, trademark, tax, corporate and/or international attorneys, where appropriate.

Accordingly, we negotiate, draft and prepare agreements to assist our clients in making crucial business and financial decisions that will benefit their careers, all with an eye towards longevity in the industry.

Whether it be navigating recording, publishing, live appearances, merchandising, or brand partnerships, we have extensive industry background and decades of experience to put to work on behalf of our clients.

Some of the contracts we draft, review, and negotiate in the music industry include:

  • Recording agreements

  • Publishing agreements

  • Soundtrack agreements and all types of agreements pertaining to film and TV

  • Producer agreements

  • Production agreements

  • Merchandising agreements

  • Management agreements

  • Concert tours

  • Concert sponsorship agreements

  • Artist endorsement agreements

  • Employment agreements

  • Video director and production company agreements

Executive Employment Agreements

We also represent music industry professionals and executives in connection with their employment agreements with record labels, publishing companies, production companies, publicists and publicity companies, and other music-related firms.

Washington DC / Music Policy

LaPolt Law, P.C. is dedicated to protecting creators and the fruits of their labor. This all starts with intellectual property law, and there is no better way ensure such protections than to engage in the legislative process at the highest levels, which is why we are intimately involved in legislative advocacy. 

Dina LaPolt, a co-founder of the Songwriters of North America (SONA), not only helped spearhead the group’s lawsuit against the Department of Justice over its potential violation of songwriter’s property rights, but also was directly involved in the passage of the Music Modernization Act, a copyright bill signed into law by on October 11, 2018.

We dedicate countless pro-bono hours in the pursuit of fair wages and the protection of creators everywhere and will continue to lead the charge wherever we find inequity within our business.

Influencers: Music, Fashion and Beauty

LaPolt Law, P.C. also specializes in the representation of influencers in fashion, music, beauty and the arts. From YouTube video content creation to Instagram endorsement and sponsorship deals, we have experience negotiating on behalf of many of the world’s most well-known opinion-makers, all at the forefront of a still burgeoning business field. Whether the client is a world-renowned stylist, a beauty-brand magnate, or a multi-faceted musician, we have the helped our clients break traditional entertainment boundaries to negotiate and develop creative solutions to complex problems.