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Hits Magazine | July, 2019

Dina LaPolt gives Spotify a roasting over songwriter royalties appeal

Musically | June 6, 2019

Attorney Dina LaPolt Slams Spotify, Pandora, Amazon in Midem Talk

Variety | June 6, 2019

A Radical Solution to Spotify’s Biggest Problems – and the Record Industry’s Woes

Rolling Stone | April 2019

Sylvia Rhone & Dina LaPolt to Deliver Keynote Discussion at Midem 2019: 'It's a Really Good Partnership We Have'

Billboard | April 2019

Songwriters of North America Argues for Industry Coalition to Form the MLC

Billboard | April 2019

Freeing 21 Savage: Inside The Effort To Bring A Rapper Home | April 2019

Power Lawyers 2019: 10 Top Music Attorneys for Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, BTS and More | March 2019

Songwriters of North America Hit Back at Spotify CRB Appeal | March 2019

Spotify Responds to Royalty-Appeal Criticism: ‘We’re Not Suing Songwriters’

Variety | March 2019

21 Savage’s Still-Bumpy Path to Freedom | February 2019

Dina LaPolt Inspires Women to "Never Second-Guess Yourself Or Question Your Instincts" | February 2019

21 Savage's First Interview Since His Release on Bond

Good Morning America | February 2019

21 Savage on ICE Detention, the Grammys and His Uncertain Future | February 2019

Dina LaPolt Honored By Recording Academy at 2019 Entertainment Law Initiative Luncheon

Billboard | February 2019

Women in Music 2018: The Most Powerful Executives in the Industry

Billboard | December 2018

Music Modernization Act Key Figures Accept Executives of the Year Honor at 2018 Billboard Women in Music

Billboard | December 2018

2018 Billboard Women in Music Awards: Exclusive Backstage Portraits

Billboard | December 2018

Ariana Grande, Cyndi Lauper, Janelle Monae and More Awarded at 2018 Billboard Women in Music Event

Billboard | December 2018

What's the Path to a More Diverse Music Industry? Panelists at the Billboard Live Music Summit Sound Off

Billboard | November 2018

Axl Rose and Rihanna Want Trump to Stop Playing Their Music. Can They Succeed?

The New York Times, November 2018

Can Rihanna and Axl Rose Order Trump to Stop Playing Their Music at Rallies?

Variety | November 2018

Female Disruptors: Music Attorney Dina LaPolt has forever shaken up the way songwriters get paid in America

Authority Magazine | October 2018

NMPA and RIAA Urge American Law Institute to Reject 'Sham Attempt' to Redefine Copyright Law

Billboard, October, 2018

Dina LaPolt: Beware a Sneak Attack on Creators' Rights (Guest Op-Ed)

Billboard | October, 2018

Music Modernization Act On the Brink of Becoming Law, Awaits Only President's Signature

Billboard | September 2018

Inside the Music Modernization Act's Last-Minute Negotiations With SiriusXM

Billboard | September 2018

Why Live Nation’s Chairman of the Board Should Resign (Opinion)

Variety | September 2018

Paul McCartney, Don Henley, Katy Perry, More Pen Letter to SiriusXM: ‘We Will Boycott’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Variety | September 2018

The Music Modernization Act Has 73 Senate Cosponsors — But There's a 'Sirius' Problem

Digital Music News | September 2018

Aerosmith Doesn't Miss A Thing, Threatens Trump With Lawsuit Over Song Use

Forbes | August 2018

Music Modernization Act May Clear Hurdle After Reaching 'Handshake Deal' With Senator Wyden: Exclusive

Billboard | August 2018

Steven Tyler Demands Trump Stop Playing Aerosmith Songs at Rallies

Variety | August, 2018

Steven Tyler demands Trump stop playing Aerosmith at rallies

The Hill, August 2018

Steven Tyler Demands Trump Stop Playing Aerosmith At Rallies

Huffington Post, August 2018

Steven Tyler tells Trump to stop playing Aerosmith's 'Livin' on the Edge' at rallies

The Washington Times | August 2018

The Recording Academy Launches Social Campaign to Propel Music Modernization Act Forward, Turn Heat on Opposition | August 2018

Music Modernization Act Stares Down Potential Snag

Variety | July 2018

A Senate Committee Votes for Peace in the Music Industry | June 2018

Music Modernization Act Gains Momentum in Senate | May 2018

Variety’s 2018 Legal Impact Report | April 2018

Who's Who Among the Music Industry's Advocates on Capitol Hill | April 2018

Power Lawyers: 11 Top Music Attorneys for John Legend, BTS and More | April 2018

‘If You Put A Woman In Charge Of Anything, Sh*t Gets Done | March 2018

How a Music Attorney’s Brush With Death Brought Renewed Purpose to Her | March 2018

Legal Eagles On AEG's ‘Statement of Commitment' For Ozzy’s Last | February 2018

Music Experts Discuss Why the Internet Is Now Saving the Recording Industry | January 2018

No. 96: Dina LaPolt | Billboard Power 100 | January 2018

Music Industry’s Brave New World Requires New Breed of Executive | January 2018

Grammy Chief Neil Portnow to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee About Music | January 2018

Dina LaPolt: American Law Institute's Credibility at Stake After Giving Copyright Cynics a Green Light to Push Agenda | January 2018

Why the #MeToo Movement Could Have Chilling Effect for Women in Music Industry | December 2017

The Best Way To Learn About The Music Biz Is From Dina LaPolt | December 2017

Women in Music 2017: The Most Powerful Executives in the Industry | November 2017

Music Lawyer Dina LaPolt, Manager Lou Taylor Stress the Importance of Clear Communication at Billboard Touring Conference | November 2017

Let Them Speak! Legal Loopholes That Silence Sexual Harassment Victims Must Go | October 2017

The Music Industry's Power Hike: Why Execs From Apple and In2une Are Making Deals In Their Sweatpants | October 2017

Terrorism Insurance in Demand for Concerts Following Las Vegas Attack | October 2017

Variety’s 2017 Women’s Impact Report | October 2017

AXS TV Bets On Rocker Eddie Money For New Reality Series | September 2017

After a rocky year, Fifth Harmony is in control — and tighter than ever | August 2017

Music's 'Amen Break' Calls Carolina Home | July 2017

How Fifth Harmony Moved On and Took Control of Their Music: 'The Fans Are Our Fifth Member | July 2017

Fifth Harmony's Lawyer on Setting the Group Free: 'They Own Their Brand Now | July 2017

Five Shows with Dina LaPolt, LaPolt Law | June 2017

'Suing the Government Is Very Punk Rock:' SONA Hosts Third Songwriters Summit as It Strategizes DOJ Lawsuit | June 2017

SONA Goes to Battle for the Working Songwriter: ‘God Love the Superstars, But This Isn’t About Them’ | June 2017

Power Lawyers 2017: Hollywood’s Top Music Business Attorneys

Hollywood | April 2017

It's Time For the Music Business to Start Embracing the Blockchain | April 2017

Songwriters of North America File Motion to Proceed in DOJ Consent Decree Lawsuit | February 2017

Stem Helps Split Royalties, and Takes Off as Music Distributor | February 2017

Entertainment lawyer explores dynamic industry in music industry class | January 2017

Must-Attend Class on Music Law Returns to UCLA | December 2016

Variety Dealmakers Impact Report 2016 | December 2016

Women In Music 2016: Power of Attorneys | December 2016

Music Lawyer Dina LaPolt Talks Fifth Harmony Strategy, Aerosmith's Competition at Billboard Touring Conference | November 2016

Maria Pallante's Departure From the Copyright Office: What It Means, And Why It Matters | October 2016

Songwriters Sue Justice Department Over Licensing Rules | September 2016

Songwriting Group Sues Department of Justice Over Licensing Mandate | September 2016

Songwriters Organization Sues Justice Department | September 2016

New Songwriting Group SONA on Why They're Suing the Dept. of Justice | September 2016

Delete Your Account: How Artists' Teams Handle Social Media Firestorms | August 2016

Inside YouTube's War With the Music Industry

Rolling Stone | August 2016

The Music Industry's Top Lawyers 2016 | July 2016

Power Lawyers 2016: Hollywood's Top Music Business Attorneys | April 2016

Fifth Harmony Go Back To School | March 2016

The New Celebrity Power Move: Keeping Secrets | February 2016

Will Streaming Music Kill Songwriting? | February 2016

Remixes, Mashups Don't Merit a Compulsory License, Says Task Force | January 2016

Death brings a breakthrough moment in David Bowie’s brilliant career | January 2016

Exec Profile: Dina LaPolt

Music Connection Magazine | November 2015

This Dry-Sounding Music Business Course at UCLA Is Secretly an Industry Must-Attend

Billboard | November 2015

In Choreographed Campaigns, Candidates Stumble Over Choice of Music | October 2015

Trump still playing Steven Tyler's 'Dream On,' despite cease-and-desist letter | October 2015

Donald Trump Faces Legal Action For Using Aerosmith's 'Dream On' | October 2015

Steven Tyler Asks Trump To Quit Using 'Dream On' For Campaign | October 2015

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler sends Donald Trump a cease-and-desist letter | October 2015

Donald Trump Receives Legal Threat Over Use of Aerosmith's "Dream On" | October 2015

This top music lawyer saved a producer’s life

New York Post Page Six | 2015

Music’s Most Powerful Attorneys

Billboard Magazine | 2015

Creators frustrated with Copyright Office's outdated technology, procedures | 2015

Deadmau5 settles trademark dispute with Disney over mouse head logo | 2015

Music alumna a Hollywood top power attorney | 2015

Power Lawyers 2015

The Hollywood Reporter | 2015

Lamberts, County Line Among Entertainment Lawyer's Top SXSW Stops

Austin Business Journal | March 2015

Women in Business Q&A: Dina LaPolt, Esq., Attorney, LaPolt Law, P.C. | January 2015

Krewella Claims Kris Trindl Was 'Pretending to DJ,' Dispute His Sobriety | November 2014

Trademark Law: Why Disney is Fighting a Canadian DJ | November 2014

Deadmau5 Fires Back at Disney with 1000+ Page Response | October 2014

EDM Superstars Krewella Mired in Legal Mess Involving DJs Newfound Sobriety | September 2014

Deadmau5 Clashes With Disney Over Ears Trademark | September 2014

Deadmau5 takes on Disney in Trademark Dispute | September 2014

Deadmau5 Drops Some "complete pwnage" on Disney in Legal War | September 2014

"Artists Must Take Control of The Future of EDM" | November 2013

Britney Spears and Steven Tyler Did it Again | February 2014

Don Henley, Steven Tyler Condemn Potential Copyright Law Change | February 2014

"Steven Tyler, Britney Spears voice copyright concerns" | February 2014

Proposal for Compulsory Remix License Has Foes in Steven Tyler and Attorney Dina LaPolt" | February 2014

Don Henley and Joe Walsh Petition Officials Over Copyright Laws | February 2014

Britney Spears, Steven Tyler Want You to Ask Permission Before You Remix Their Songs | February 2014

Steven Tyler Blasts Remix-Friendly Copyright Law Proposal (subscription required) | February 2014

Compulsory Licensing & Chilling Effects | February 2014

Music Mashup Battle: Sting, Steven Tyler and Britney Spears Among Artists Fighting Copyright Law | February 2014

Entertainment Attorney DINA LAPOLT At SoulCycle

JigsawMagazine | December 2013

"Death to the Major Labels" | October 2013

Entertainment Lawyer Dina LaPolt’s “Legal And Practical Aspects Of The Music Business” | October 2013

Musicians' Income Can Still Be Huge -- With The Right Brand, Team | July 2012

eMinutes Client Profiles: Dina LaPolte | June 2012

Tunes, Legal Tender and Attorneys: Music Business Legal Update of the California Copyright Conference | October 2009

SXSW: Music Execs Ponder ISP Licenses, Darknets, Kids Today | March 2009

Whatever it Takes | January 2009

Beating Bootleggers

Billboard Magazine | December 2004

Dina LaPolt: Welcome to the New Music Industry | June 2002